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       Born in 1979 in Henan, China, Weichao Wang studied physics at Henan Normal University (BS, 2002) and Chinese Academy of Science (MS, 2005, Advisor: Prof. Xingao Gong). Then he moved to the University of Texas at Dallas to continue his Ph.D. degree in Material Science and Engineering (Ph.D., 2011) in Prof. Kyeongjae Cho’s group. He joined the Nankai University faculty as a full professor in 2013. Then he was selected as the distinguished young professor at Nankai 2013 and then the distinguished young scholar in Tianjin City in 2017. Prof. Wang’s research interests include the rational design of heterogeneous catalyst and electrocatalyst in the applications of vehicle exhaust emission control and energy storage, respectively. To date, he has published over 90 scientific papers and contributed one book chapter.

Prof. WeiChao Wang

Principle Investigator