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Prof. Xuewei Wang gave a lecture on Transmission Electron Microscope

更新时间:2019-01-04 15:41:00
Nankai university, No.38 Tongyan road, Haihe Education Park, Jinnan district, Tianjin

At 9:00 am on Janary 4, 2019, we invited Prof. Xuewei Wang from Tianjin University of Technology to give a speech named "Cases analysis of Projection electron microscope imaging". In the report, Prof. Wang successively explained the fundamental structure and TEM' s image-forming principle, also shared how to gain useful information from analyzing the TEM images rationally.

Through the speech delivered by, the whole member of our lab had a deeper understanding of the TEM image analysis, which laid a good foundation for processing the future experimental findings.

(编辑:Shan Gao)

Prof. WeiChao Wang

Principle Investigator