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Prof. Wang's Group Recruiting Graduate Students

The lab of green catalyst rational design is currently accepting applications for graduate students. We are looking for candidates who are interested in developing new catalyst materials for energy storage and vehicle exhaust emission control.

Requirements for admission:

1. Backgrounds of chemistry/ physics/ material physics and chemistry/ environmental science and engineering/ electronic science and technology;

2. Strong interest in scientific research;

3. Great team player;

4. Enough English for oral communications and scientific writing.

1.具有化学/材料物理与化学/环境科学与工程/电子科学与技术等相关专业背景 ;


Contact us:

Please send your resume to

Lab of Green Catalyst Rational Designing

Address:Nankai university, No.38 Tongyan road, Haihe Education Park, Jinnan district, Tianjin

Prof. WeiChao Wang

Principle Investigator